Perhaps you’re a stressed-out, overwhelmed parent of five children—not to mention two dogs, three cats, one hamster, and two parakeets who also demand your attention. Or, you may be the sole caretaker of a shy feline who rarely ventures out. Regardless, having a family and pets always guarantees medical bills. Budget billing is available for many services, such as utilities, insurance, and Amazon Prime. Why not also enroll in a plan that helps you budget for your pet’s care? Our wellness plans make it easy to plan ahead for your furry friend’s routine health needs. 

Benefits of our pet-wellness plans

We get it—pet care can be costly, especially when you add up the annual expenses. To help ease the financial burden of providing optimal preventive care for your beloved companion, we’ve created wellness plans that cover comprehensive routine care. Our wellness plans are designed for pet owners who want to take care of all their pet’s needs, but find that paying for everything all at once is difficult. Enrolling your pet in a wellness plan has numerous benefits, including:

  • An amount that can easily fit your monthly budget
  • Monthly payments that provide the best preventive care for your pet
  • A potential refund or rollover credit at the end of the year
  • Plans that are personalized for your pet’s needs
  • Automatic payment with an ACH debit

The simplicity of our wellness plans makes budgeting for your pet’s preventive-care needs a breeze. 

How pet-wellness plans work

Wellness plans differ from pet health insurance plans in that they cover only routine preventive care, and we suggest that you also consider pet insurance for emergencies, accidents, and illnesses to round out your protection plan. However, pet insurance may not cover your pet’s pre-existing conditions, whereas our wellness plans are available for each and every pet.

To enroll your pet in our wellness plan, we first perform a free assessment to determine the services your pet will need during the following year, based on age, breed, health status, history, and risk assessment. We then customize a plan that will fit your pet’s specific needs, but all our plans include:

  • Two wellness visits
  • A year’s supply of heartworm, flea, and tick prevention—Bravecto and ProHeart for dogs, Revolution Plus for cats  
  • Comprehensive blood-work panels
  • Two intestinal parasite exams, one of which will be sent to an outside laboratory for antigen testing
  • Core vaccinations for a dog or cat
  • Heartworm, Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, and ehrlichiosis testing for dogs
  • Dental X-rays
  • Dental cleaning

We may recommend removing some of these procedures, or adding other diagnostic tests or preventive-care options. Young pets usually are enrolled after their initial vaccination series is complete, while older pets join after their first dental cleaning. All costs for services that will be performed over the year are added and divided by 12 to calculate your monthly payment, which will be deducted from your bank account on the same day each month. If you need to cancel your wellness plan, we will refund the balance, minus the cost of any services that have already been performed.

Why wellness plans are important for your pet’s health

Preventive physical exams and wellness care can lead to a long, healthy life for pets, as they do for people. With the twice-yearly wellness visits included in our plans, we can closely monitor your pet for any changes in health status. We’ll keep an eye on weight, dental disease, behavioral changes, and differences in skin, hair coat, eyes, and ears. We’ll also monitor your pet’s cardiac and respiratory function by listening for abnormal sounds or rhythms, check for joint concerns with an orthopedic exam, and ensure all organ function remains strong through routine blood work.

With regular wellness visits, we can pick up on any changes in your four-legged friend that may indicate early disease stages. The sooner we find a disease, the better we can treat it, which can mean less expense for you, and a better prognosis for your pet. Wellness plans are better started at a young age to allow us to gather baseline readings on your pet’s normal values, and become more important for older pets, as we keep an eye on their health as they age. 

Eager to enroll your pet in our wellness plan? Schedule a free assessment so we can begin planning for a lifetime of health for your furry friend.