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Our mission is to give your pet the longest, happiest, most fulfilling life by your side possible. If you haven’t had your first appointment with us yet, please give us a call now. Our friendly team will ask you a few simple questions about your pet’s health, and we will schedule a convenient time for your visit. During your appointment, you will see a team who cares about you and your pet more than anything else. You will gain access to an array of services that are usually reserved for specialty hospitals. And you will feel great knowing that you have done right by your pet, and you have gained a partner who makes your life easier and better. So give us a call now. After all, we built this for you.

I love these people! Not only do my babies get excellent care at LCAC, but they get loved on as well…the staff knows each of them by name and spoils them rotten when I have to board them. I highly recommend LCAC!!!

The staff here saved our pup’s leg and provided wonderful care for her. She is always eager to go inside when we get there, and howls for their attention and affection. It is an hour each way for us but we chose to drive the extra distance because we felt they provide the best care, and now we can barely keep Hyper Piper calm and still for the remaining few weeks of recovery! Thank you Logan Co Animal Clinic!

I have lived in a few states and dealt with numerous animal clinics, some with less than stellar experiences. I don’t like to write reviews, but after numerous positive experiences with Logan County Animal Clinic they deserve it! Every single person is extremely friendly and professional. I have never felt more comfortable going to a vet and they have my complete trust.

Thanks to everyone at LCAC for everything you do!


Wellness Examinations
Puppy & Kitten Care
Pain Management
Dental Care

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