Regenerative Medicine

Step into the future of care.


Slide Stem Cell Therapy ​We proudly offer regenerative stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy is a leading edge medical solution for the treatment of osteoarthritis in pets. VetStem regenerative stem cells use your own animal’s natural healing cells from their fat tissue. This method has been proven and documented in published clinical trials to reduce pain and lameness.

Stem cells are programmed to repair the body. They wait attached to blood vessels throughout the body until needed. When damage occurs, signals are sent to attract the stem cells providing information about the nature of the problem. The cells “listen” then coordinate the best response to the stressor.

Stem cells work in different ways. They have the ability to block pain signals, reduce inflammation, stimulate cell regeneration, stimulate the formation of new blood vessels, limit the formation of scar tissue, help control the response of the immune system and reduce the death of damaged tissue cells. Stem cells offer a wide array of possibilities for different situations. Stem cells can also be harvested and stored for later use should your pet need them. Ask if stem cell therapy is right for your pet! 270-726-3511