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Fact or Fiction? Common Spay and Neuter Myths for Pets

With the advent of spring, many new kittens and puppies will be born, but not all these pets will have homes, severely overcrowding animal shelters, and putting a strain on limited funds for homeless pets. Roughly half the pets who enter shelters each year are euthanized because of lack of available homes, which can be [...]

How to Inspire Toothbrushing – Look Inside Your Pet’s Mouth

Your pet’s good dental health is vital for her general well-being, yet many owners ignore their pet’s needs for dental care. More than 70% of pets have developed dental problems by age 3, and the consequences of those problems, such as heart, liver, and kidney disease, can be life-threatening. However, dental disease can be prevented, [...]

New Years Resolutions for Your Pet’s Health

At New Year’s Eve parties, or while cuddled up on the couch with your furry family members watching the ball drop, you may have been thinking about what the next year would hold. A new year often means a fresh start, and that may include some well-meaning—but perhaps difficult-to-keep—resolutions. The good news for resolution-making pet [...]

Keeping Your Pet Healthy in 2020

Many New Year’s resolutions focus on health and fitness, so why not include your pet in your 2020 goals? Regular veterinary care, including annual wellness exams, blood work, and dental cleanings, will keep your pet healthy, and help us detect health issues before they progress to more serious problems. Commit to making your pet’s health [...]

Holiday Hazards Ahead: Every Pet Owner Should Watch for These Dangers

The holidays are about creating memories with family and friends, two- and four-legged. But, they also present opportunities for mischief for your pet. Avoid unpleasant memories this holiday season by avoiding festive hazards that could harm your furry friend. Delicious dangers Your pet’s favorite part of the holiday season is undoubtedly the delicious aromas wafting [...]

Wellness Plans: The Path to a Healthy Pet

Perhaps you’re a stressed-out, overwhelmed parent of five children—not to mention two dogs, three cats, one hamster, and two parakeets who also demand your attention. Or, you may be the sole caretaker of a shy feline who rarely ventures out. Regardless, having a family and pets always guarantees medical bills. Budget billing is available for [...]

A Closer Look: Logan County Animal Clinic’s Veterinary Technician Team

At Logan County Animal Clinic, we love our veterinary technicians. They work hard every day, and their dedication and commitment to providing exceptional care for pets shines through in all they do. Read on to get to know our stellar behind-the-scenes crew.  Kimberly Starks Our most senior veterinary technician joined Logan County Animal Clinic in [...]

What is AAHA Accreditation?

AAHA-accredited practices are held to the highest standards, allowing them to provide the highest quality of care to their patients—your pets. Becoming an accredited practice is no easy task, and, in fact, only 12% to 15% of U.S. and Canadian veterinary practices are AAHA-accredited. Learn what AAHA accreditation entails, and the benefits to you and [...]

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