At Logan County Animal Clinic, we love our veterinary technicians. They work hard every day, and their dedication and commitment to providing exceptional care for pets shines through in all they do. Read on to get to know our stellar behind-the-scenes crew. 

Kimberly Starks

Our most senior veterinary technician joined Logan County Animal Clinic in 2013. Originally from Auburn, Kentucky, Kimberly cannot pinpoint a time when she knew she wanted to become a veterinary technician, because “I always knew this was what I wanted to do.” Her passion for the field stems from being able to help “those who have no voice.” Despite her irrational fear of slobber, Kimberly shares her home with a myriad of furred and feathered friends, including Bryson, her insanely sweet 10-year-old pit bull terrier, and Waylon, her tiny, 10-year-old treasure. But, the fun doesn’t stop there. Kimberly also has Stone the hamster, Koda the cat, and three chickens. Of course, we can’t forget Kenzy, her darling 5-year-old daughter. When she’s not intimately caring for your pets, Kimberly can be found hanging with family and friends or practicing her photography skills. 

Auburn Todd

Hailing from Russellville, Kentucky, Auburn has been tending to pets at Logan County Animal Clinic for two years as a full-time veterinary technician. Her favorite part of the job is the opportunity to constantly learn, and keep her brain and body sharp. When asked whether she prefers dogs or cats, the answer is obvious, since she shares her home with three fluffy golden retrievers—Rhett, Raegan, and Rexha. You’ll hardly catch Auburn reading or running a 5K, and she much prefers camping versus glamping on weekends—as long as the camping doesn’t involve snakes.

Caitlin Mungo

If you hear someone singing in the treatment room, it likely is our technician, Caitlin, who started with Logan County Animal Clinic in February 2019. Since she was a child, Caitlin has wanted to work with animals, and she shares Kimberly’s passion for speaking for “those who have no voice.” While she now lives in Lafayette, Kentucky, Caitlin was born in Medina, Ohio, and her favorite part of the job is educating clients on their pets’ health. On a Friday night or weekend, you can probably find Caitlin outdoors or camping with friendsno glamping here. You won’t find her near a spooky, abandoned swimming pool. When asked whether she prefers to run a 5K or read, she amusingly said she would “probably read a book about running a 5K while snacking.” Caitlin shares her home with a slew of pets, who include eight cats, four horses, two dogs, one pig, one guinea pig, one duck, a gang of chickens, and a partridge in a pear tree (we made that last part up). Her sweet children, 7-year-old Clayton and 5-year-old Paisley, complete Caitlin’s family.

Samuel Cody Davis

Samuel comes to us from Nashville but currently lives in Clarksville, Tennessee. He officially joined our team in May, but we’ve known Samuel since 2017 when he was an intern with us. He has always loved science and learning how animals live and function, which eventually translated into his love of working with pets. His favorite part of the job is seeing how clients “light up” after we help their beloved pets. Samuel spends his time off work checking out the newest movies, reading comic books, eating dinner out, or cheering on the Predators at the Bridgestone arena with his dear fiancée, Haley. His two German shepherds, Thor and Storm, require a lot of couch space, but Arvi, the Chihuahua/corgi/dachshund mix, and Willow, “the sweetest cat ever,” fortunately require only lap space. If you catch Samuel staring into space, he may be dreaming about traveling to Australia and competing in a boxing match with a kangaroo. Samuel’s biggest fear? If Ben & Jerry’s were to discontinue their “half baked” flavor. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this intimate look at our technicians. Stop by to meet them in person!